Business Cash Advance

Flexible borrowing up to £100,000

  • Unsecured Finance
  • Payback As You Earn
  • Sameday Funding

A Business Cash Advance allows you to borrow against your future credit card sales helping to support your cashflow, purchases and other business needs.


Step 1

Your business needs a cash boost

Borrow up to £100k for any purpose. We accept all businesses from startup to established.

Step 2

You have a credit card terminal

Your business must accept card payments and do at least £1000 a month in customer card sales.

Step 3

Pay back finance only as you earn

The finance is payed back from a small % of your future customer card transactions.

What is a Business Cash Advance?

The Business Cash Advance is the UK’s most exciting funding solution! It provides a quick cash injection of up to £100,000 into your business for any purpose within 1-5 days.

The greatest thing about this funding option is that repayments are collected as a percentage of future card sales which means you get the money you need now but only pay back as and when you make sales from your PDQ card terminal machine. There are no set payback times, late payments or penalties and the amount you owe never goes up so there are no surprises. We have over a 90% approval rate and have helped many, many businesses throughout the UK.

"A Business Cash Advance is a very simple way to raise the cash you need for funding your business."

A percentage payback amount of your future card sales is agreed - always a figure that is comfortable for you and your cashflow, the monies are released into your business bank account, then for every card sale that is made on your card terminal machine the agreed amount is paid back on the advance.

If you have a slow month on sales then the amount you pay back is inline with your sales which means you pay back less which is comforting to know. Especially with other types of loans or finance when there is a fixed monthly payment regardless of your sales fluctuation. If you have a good month then the advance is repaid quicker - simple!

All your cash sales are not taken into account on the payback terms. It’s the perfect unsecured finance option for all small and SME UK businesses who use a card machine and accept card payments. The government have praised alternative business lending such as crowdfunding (for start-ups) and business cash advance funding (for existing businesses over 3 months old) noting that they are a critical component for funding small businesses in the UK.

Problems in the past have been caused by the high street banks who have not lent to small businesses due to their own financial constraints thus creating an alternative source of funding. A business cash advance is an innovative finance solution that is literally helping small business thrive. Unlike a loan, it works around what suits, if you say what percentage of your card sales you are comfortable with being deducting every day the cash advance can be tailored around the finance to suit your requirements.

Every time you create £100 on your card machine, the repayment will be a small comfortable figure. That way you get know exactly where you are every day without worrying about a big direct debit at the end of the month.

Rather than tying your business into a traditional loan product with five years of repayments, wouldn’t it suit your business better to have quick, hassle free injection that can be cleared in the next 6-9 months? You can then take funds again when you need them.

No need to change your PDQ, no changing bank account, no lengthy forms or lengthy waits - just funds quickly when you want them - for whatever you want. Finally, the process is hassle free and we look after you at each step of the way - applying is FREE to get an approval and even if you have poor credit history there is a flexible credit team to help.

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Why choose a Business Cash Advance?

  • It's unsecured
  • We accept Start Up Businesses
  • There's no APR ¹
  • No hidden charges
  • Pay back as your earn
  • Sameday funding available
  • All credit ratings accepted
  • ‘Top up’ funding is available
  • Use for any business purpose

Helping all kinds of UK businesses

We can help all businesses, big or small, who use a credit card terminal. Here is a selection of businesses that could benefit from using a Business Cash Advance.



Pubs and Bars

Pubs & Bars





Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops

Retail Stores

Retail Stores


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Pricing is unique to your business.

Each business is different and that's the same with the Business Cash Advance product. The cost will be bespoke to your business performance and affordability.

Business Cash Advance Pricing

A highstreet shop owner borrows £16000 to buy in new stock.

Loan Amount


Avg. Daily Cost*


Payback Term

170 days

Total Cost


* An average daily figure includes total cost of loan. Daily pay back amounts can change based on your business performance, if sales are high you pay back more, if they're less you pay back less.

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Customer Support Area

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What's the maximum amount my business can borrow?

The amount you can borrow is based on how much your monthly card sales are, for example, if you generate an average of £6k per month your maximum loan amount would be anything up to 6k. We can provide finance up to a maximum of £100k. If you are looking for more than this, Capalona Business Loans could help.

How long can my business borrow for?

A Business Cash Advance is a short term financial product and unlike a traditional business loan there is no fixed term. On average, it can take around 9 months (as low as 3months, as high as 18+ months) to pay it back but it all depends on your business performance. In slower days you pay back less, and in good days you pay more - it works with you.

Will my business qualify?

To qualify, your business must be trading for over 3 months with at least £1000 of card sales per month. If you can't meet this criteria let us know, we can help all SME's including startups.

What is the cost?

Each business is different and that's the same with the Business Cash Advance product. The cost will be bespoke to your business performance and affordability. Costs are always clear to you.

Are there any fixed monthly payments?

Absolutely not, there's no fixed monthly payments - you simply agree to pay back a small percentage of your future daily card transactions until the loan is completely settled.

Will it affect my credit rating if I apply?

We don't run any credit checks, but some providers that we work with may, however all applications are assessed individually.

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